My class is for people who wish to know how capture special moments in everyday life – your friends, family, kids, pets, your beautiful garden, a wonderful sunset, or that exciting trip to Paris – so you will have great photos and pleasant memories that can last forever.

If that is what you would like to learn, you’ve come to the right place! My goal is to help you to feel confident and inspired holding a camera in your hands.

So, I offer “Elementary Digital Photo School” – a class designed for “digital beginners”. It will cover the more complex features for Digital SLR owners or people interested in purchasing a DSLR but, if you have a “SLR-like” camera with semi-manual and manual modes or just would like to learn more about cameras and digital photography, you are welcome in my course as well.

You will learn your camera operating modes and basics of photography, simple rules that help you to take better pictures as well as what NOT to do. We will talk about many subjects including resolution and compression, exposure, lenses, focusing, shutter speed and aperture, depth of field, ISO, digital noise, white balance, composition, macro photography.

The course is very visual – you will learn by looking at hundreds of tutorial pictures. The course is also “hands-on” and practical – bring your camera with you, and you will learn what all the icons, numbers and signs mean and what all those wheels and buttons do.

I offer several different formats:

1. Intensive Private Class

Approximately 3-3.5 hours, one-on-one session, dedicated to your particular camera and requirements. I pay special attention to your personal needs and questions. We will take the time to go through all the options provided by your camera’s menus and make sure you feel confident about all available modes and settings.

If you like, you can bring a relative or a friend and we can do a one-on-two format – as long as you use the same model camera.

Because it is private class I can stretch the time up to 4 hours if necessary – to make sure you understand everything and all your questions are answered – and the price remains fixed (I don’t charge anything extra).

Place and time – I am flexible, whatever is convenient for you.

Cost – $100 for one person ($80 for your friend if you bring one)

2. Regular Class

This course “Digital Beginners” is offered through West Vancouver Community Centre. This is a five-session class (2 hours once a week) and it has slower pace. We will accept groups of 8-12 people.

Place: West Vancouver Community Centre – Arts Studio – 2121 Marine Drive

Registration: 604 925-7270;
Course code: 912119

3. Digital Photography on the Beach

This one day workshop is an appendix to the Digital Beginners program. Take pictures outside applying your new knowledge.

Cost: $55 per person

Special offer – this is free!

Don’t have a camera yet?
If you are interested in purchasing a digital camera but not sure what model to select and have questions, I can give free consultations and help you to buy one.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.