I started photographing the world around me and began experimenting with film in the darkroom when I was a teenager. Later this hobby along with my interest in technical sciences turned into my profession – I graduated from Moscow University and obtained an Engineering degree in Aerial Photo Topography and Photogrammetry. It was before Google Earth Era, but this is the science behind the creation of Google Earth!

When photography started to switch from film to digital in the late 1990’s my interest shifted towards the art side of photography, but my knowledge of technology still gives me solid support.

I was invited to work for one of the largest Russian electronic product magazines “Mobile News Review” as digital camera expert, editor, journalist and photographer. Since then, I have tested and written reviews for hundreds of new digital cameras, travelled to many countries and taken thousands of test and art pictures.

I also wrote “Digital Photo Book” – a digital photography learning course for beginners. Two editions were released: version-2004 (320 pages) and version-2005 (240 pages).

When I was invited to work for PENTAX, I redesigned my digital photography course and made an updated version for the website. Also, during my collaboration with PENTAX, I was involved in consulting, testing and reviewing new cameras, marketing, teaching, conducting seminars and presentations, and of course: taking pictures. One of my most exciting projects was testing two new underwater cameras (Pentax and Olympus) in very extreme conditions – at the Red Sea in Egypt!

I also contributed a number of articles and digital camera news and reviews for the British magazine “STUFF”, as well as other local publications in St. Petersburg.

I stay on the leading edge of that special place where the latest digital technology connects with art, providing a unique perspective to both views. I have extensive knowledge, experience and skills – and love to share them with people who want to enter the exciting world of Digital Photography.

The world around us is so beautiful… take a closer look at it, let your camera be your good friend, and above all: have fun and enjoy life!